Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Marina, 21

I went hunting with my friend Mai all day. It was mostly unsuccessful until Marina showed up. I ran after her and convinced her to let me take a snapshot of her beautiful dress before she headed off to class.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Jesse, 24

Forever 21 shirt
Bike hat
Asics shoes
Gold bracelet

Okay this is a funny story. I was sitting on a bench on University blvd, on the lookout for anyone I thought was stylish. I saw a few that zoomed past me on their bikes, and Jesse was one of them. After waiting for half an hour for somebody to show up, I decided to head home. On the way to my car, I noticed Jesse sitting with someone and went to approach him. He is a nice guy and I am in love with the moustache.

Isabella, 19

White tank
High waisted pink lace skirt
Large brown belt with buckle

My last picture on 4th ave today. I spotted her while she was in the middle of a phone conversation, and I felt rude when I interrupted her. You can't really see the details of her belt buckle in this photo, but it had the most beautiful carving design.

Allison, 25 (left) & Chelsea, 23 (right)

Allison:                                                                          Chelsea:
Forties vintage dress                                                      Vintage dress
Frye oxfords                                                                  Shoes bought on ebay

When I spotted these girls across the street on 4th ave, I ran immediately past zooming cars to take their photos. They were incredibly willing to pose for me. Chelsea, on the right, told me that her shoes were DIY, spray painted blue. Stellar!

Cool Guy, First Post

Okay, this is officially the first post. He kind of showed up in front of me, and I quickly asked for his photo. Unfortunately, the exhilaration of actually taking strangers' photos struck me at the moment I was talking to him so I didn't ask for his name or clothing info. I love the relaxed ambiance of his get-up and the tourist-like humor of his haiwaiian shirt.